Baptism and Reaffirmation

Baptism and Reaffirmation

There are 2 special events in the life of the church that we call Sacraments.

The first event is Communion which we celebrate together nearly every month on the first Sunday of the month in our worship services. We have people who have been asked or who have come forward and asked if they could be a part of that serving team that prepares the Lord’s Supper for us as a congregation. This is a time when we as people of faith remember in a very tangible way the sacrifice that was made for us, through Jesus. As you take the bread and the juice it serves as a symbol of the never-ending love of God for us, and our thankfulness is an appropriate response.

The other event is Baptism and Reaffirmation of Baptism. This event might happen at any time during the year, however periodically we will schedule particular times to hold a service of Baptism/Reaffirmation and people who have made a decision to accept Christ or reaffirm their commitment to Christ will plan their participation in that service.

Baptism is a ceremony that involves water, where the person being baptized is either Sprinkled with water (I cup water in my hand and sprinkle it over the head of the person) Poured on with water (I fill a pitcher full of water and the person either standing or kneeling, leans forward and I pour the contents of the pitcher over the head and shoulders of the person) or Immersion (The person being baptized and I will be standing in thigh to waist deep water and I will lower the person down under the water fully immersing them before raising them back up). The act of Baptism follows a decision on the part of a person to repent of their sins (the areas where they have missed the mark in following God) and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. It offers them a chance to publically announce their commitment to Christ among the gathered people from their family, friends and others from the church.

Reaffirmation of Baptism is similar in function to Baptism with water but can also simply involve anointing with oil. The words I use for a person reaffirming their faith in Christ, are words that reaffirm what was spoken over them at their original Baptism. The act of Reaffirmation can be and often is as powerful for that person as their original Baptism because in many cases people who were infants or very young do not remember their baptism. So then, their Reaffirmation becomes their moment to ‘own’ in a very personal way their spiritual journey.

On August 19, 2018 we held a service of Baptism/Reaffirmation in the Great Miami River at the Taylorsville Dam Park just east of Vandalia. 21 people were Baptized or Reaffirmed:

Faye Young Sarah Woo Carter Evans Karron Sutherland Randy Sutherland Taylor Mikels

Adam Conner Nick Beam Jessica Beam Jackson Beam Sunny Smith Doug Cook

Karen Stephens Missy Manson Mike Russell Elizabeth Russell Mason Kimmel

Landon Kimmel Ellen Hazel Chloe Kitta Samatha Moehl

If you know any of these people take time to congratulate them on their decision or recommitment to engage in their faith journey.

After one group baptism John the Baptist was asked, “Now what should we do?” His answer was crisp and clear. He said, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.” Luke 3:10-11 In essence, what He was saying was we all (not just those having been baptized) should start looking for needs and filling them. That is what baptism reminds us of—our needs are filled through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to the Family of God, Pastor Dan


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