Beginning Again

Beginning Again

It is part of our nature this time of year to begin again.  No matter how cynical the messages that you receive about things being decided this time of year are gone by February.  It simply is not true.

This is a perfect time of year to reflect, revaluate, and renew your commitments to living a life of freedom and joy. I challenge you this month to read the Book of Galatians. I began preaching on it this past Sunday and will continue through the middle of this month. But those sermons will give way to even bigger questions that we will continue to tackle in the next sermon series. Stay tuned!

What Paul was addressing with the believers in Galatia was the idea of Christian liberty and how we so quickly trade it in for things that seem like freedom but are really just religious practices that give us the feeling like we are doing okay spiritually.  Paul says in Galatians 5:1, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free…”.  He was making a bold statement to people who knew that in their hearts but they had let their minds be lulled away from that truth by so many other options.

This year we are beginning again!

Tipp City United Methodist Church is a wonderful church with a storied history in this town of being a community-minded, welcoming, and active church within the life of this local area. I have been in numerous conversations with people inside and outside the church and that fact always comes shining through.

2018 will become a year where we start living into becoming a ‘Growing Community Church that Helps People Help People’

  • Growing = the idea that we will be proactive at reaching out to our friends and families and reconnect with them at a basic relational level and let our faith naturally influence them to consider enjoying a renewed relationship with the Lord through events, worship, and activities at Tipp City UMC.


  • Community = means that while we will continue to develop partnerships outside the bounds of Tipp City, we will major in investing in the greatness of God and what God is doing in Tipp City and the local surrounding area.


  • Church = this is who we are. We have one mission and that is to save and grow as many people as possible into the image of Jesus Christ and for the Glory of God. God will lead and anoint these encounters and relationships and that is when our own spiritual lives will grow like crazy!


  • That Helps People Help People = this is what discipleship looks like. When we take our God-given gifts and skills and abilities into the relationships that we have and we position ourselves as servants in those relationships and we help those people with their dreams and visions, then together we all grow into the image of Christ and what God intended.

We have an opportunity in 2018.  We were set free in Christ in order to be free. Take your freedom in Christ and begin today to focus that freedom on sharing what you have with those whom God has brought into your world.

Welcome to 2018,

Pastor Dan


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