Ways to Get Involved @ TCUMC

Ways to Get Involved @ TCUMC

See what God can do through you!

Invite someone to church: We’re called to spread God’s word & your family and friends need you to do it! We know that inviting someone to church can be awkward & scary. Just share our I’m New page on your favorite social media or send them an email! Links are available at the bottom of the page.

Serve: Serving is a great way to put others before yourself and have a lot of fun doing it! You’ll make great friendships and possibly learn new skills along the way! Visit our Serve page for opportunities.

Join a small group: We know that life wasn’t meant to be lived alone. To learn more about the opportunities we have to make impactful friendships & journey through life together, check out our fall small groups on the Winter Next Steps page.

Take a discipleship class: Growing in our faith doesn’t just happen. We need to be intentional about it. Taking a class is a great way to do just that! Learn more about the Bible, ways to apply it to your life, & make friends along the way! Check out our upcoming classes on our Winter Next Step Catalog