Follow the Spirit

Follow the Spirit

Do you think religion is a list of rules and expectations you must live up to? Does it involve judgement, hypocrisy, & guilt? In January, Dan led us through some of the book of Galatians to show us that God wants so much more than that! Many of you commented about how impactful the sermon series was, so for the next 3 Sundays we’re back at it! Join us Sunday as we start Losing My Religion 2. We’ll lose our religion & find freedom, joy, peace, & purpose! Wait – lose our religion? Does that mean we just dismiss the law of the Bible? Join us Sunday to find out. And remember, a new sermon series is a great opportunity to invite people to church!

This Sunday is the river baptism at the Taylorsville dam.  Come see brothers and sisters in Christ get baptized in the Holy Spirit or re-affirm their commitment and faith in God.


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