Why is there Pain and Suffering?

Why is there Pain and Suffering?

This is one question we nearly all struggle with and it can have dramatic impacts on our faith. This Sunday, we’ll look at a Biblical understanding of pain & suffering. Scripture talks about real people with real challenges, real heartaches, and real suffering. Join us Sunday when we’ll learn a great deal about pain and suffering from the pages of the Bible – and in it find comfort for those who suffer and wisdom for those who care. Then, be sure to share what you’ve learned or the comforting words you’ve found on social media and include #Exploretruth. You might be the only person to bring this truth to your social media friends. They need you!

Also on Sunday, we’ll be joined by representatives from the Pink Ribbon Girls. A check will be presented to them with our Gift of Advent. You don’t want to miss it! And, there will be an informational meeting between the services about the upcoming mission trip to Angel House Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. If you’d like to learn more about the trip, you’re encouraged to attend.


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