The Assembly Process Begins Today

The Assembly Process Begins Today

Winston Churchill once said: “People occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.”


2018 is in the history books, but some significant things happened during this past year, things that were life altering. The crazy thing is, most of us will do nothing about it. According to this quote from Winston Churchill we will simply allow the dust to settle from whatever it was and seek to regain the same habits and patterns that we had before the occurrence.


I have read many, many books about developing habits, as you probably have. Habits define the lives we live. Some of us develop really good habits and so we reap the benefits of living those habits out, (good eating habits, good exercise habits, good social or leadership habits, etc) you get the picture. Some of us develop some really ‘not so good’ habits. Correct, I would not call them ‘bad’ habits, and in some ways these ‘not so good’ habits are much harder to break, because we tell ourselves that they are ‘not so bad’ either; and so they are allowed to continue in our lives.


Paul in writing to the Galatian church said this, “If anyone thinks they are something when they are not, they deceive themselves.” Galatians 6:3


The development of habits is the key, however, there is a step before developing good habits that is often over looked and in our busy, ‘take care of the immediate’ world that we are all a part of, it can and is overlooked all the time, and that is quiet reflection.


Peter Drucker, business strategist and author said: “Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come more effective action.”


In essence what Paul, from the bible is telling us is ‘THINK’. Take time to think about who you really are. Spiritual Pretenders are chasing after this image that they have to maintain, (solid breadwinner, loyal spouse, responsible mother, straight A student) so they never allow themselves to actually see themselves for who they really are, and so they deceive themselves.


Drucker is saying, the key to consistent and effective action is taking time to THINK, on the things that have happened and what they mean, what they are telling you about you.


Then….as you think and reflect, insight will begin to emerge and with that insight will come energy to create and sustain a new habit.


2019 is here. Taking the language from the Christmas Series, ‘Some Assembly Required’, you can begin to change the assembly process of your life, beginning today. It is a great time to start. Reflect – Gain Insight – Act.


Or as Winston Churchill let us know, you can always just stumble over this truth, get up, brush yourself off and go on as if nothing ever happened. 2019 is your gift from God. Think about that!


Happy New Year,   Dan



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