Upcoming Student Ministry Events

Upcoming Student Ministry Events

Re-Ignite Drama Club
12/12 ~ 6:30-7:30 p.m.

For 6th-12th graders who love the arts like drama, theater, singing, or just hanging out with good friends. For more information, contact Greg Moehl at 937-474-5770 or greg@tippcityumc.org

October 28th – Hill City Tail gate. 9:45-11:30 Pancakes and waffles in room 300. At 10:30 we will stream the service to the Tv’s in room 300


2nd – No Hill City – Christmas Play – one service this day

2nd – 6-8 p.m.  Re-Ignite Fellowship & Planning meeting for Christmas Party and New Year’s Celebration (Pizza and beverages provided)

9th – @10:30 a.m. – Hill City Small group sessions – room 300

9th – Hill City Mentors meeting @noon in room 300

9th – Re-Ignite Mentors meeting @ 5p.m. in room 300

9th – Re-Ignite Christmas Party – Please bring a snack to share

12 – @6:30-7:30 Re-Ignite Drama in room 300

16th – @10:30 a.m. – Hill City Small group sessions

16th – No Re-Ignite

29th & 30th New Years Bash 7p.m. on the 29th until after  service on the 30th.