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Get the most out of home worship

10 tips to make your experience the best it can be

Top 10 tips for watching online services

  1. Get ready early & get settled before the service starts.
  2. Bring everything you need to the service (coffee, notebook, pencil, Bible, blanket, breakfast, etc. )
  3. Watch as a family on 1 device to reduce traffic on your wifi (not to mention it creates nice family memories) :-)
  4. Be sure to comment during service so we can connect.
  5. Put your phones on do not disturb so you're not distracted by incoming notifications.
  6. Stand up & sing during praise & worship.
  7. Take notes during the message.
  8. Shout Amen when something hits the spot - better yet put it in the comments!
  9. Plan to discuss what grabbed your attention with someone else who watched it.
  10. Stay around after service to continue discussions with your church family in the digital gathering area.