Global Methodist Information

On October 4, 2022, our church took a vote to disaffiliate from the United Methodist denomination. The result of that vote from the members present at the meeting was 189 to disaffiliate and 17 to stay in the United Methodist denomination. As a result, with a 90% majority vote, we as a local church have initiated the process for exiting our connection with a denomination that we have been a part of since 1968.


The Leadership Board of our church along with the pastoral staff have been learning about and comparing the theological doctrines of the Global Methodist Church to other options, such as other ‘Methodist’ offshoots like: the Wesleyan Church, Free Methodist Church or Nazarene denomination, as well as the idea of becoming an independent church. See a video comparison of the denominations by clicking here or click the button below.


As a result of this research and the nature and history of our church, our Pastoral Staff and Leadership Board are recommending that our congregation take the month of November to pray and discern about the option of joining the newly formed Global Methodist Church. Throughout the month we will be offering recommended readings to help inform you as well as Q & A sessions after the 9am and the 10:30am worship services on November 13th and again on November 20th.


The Pastoral Staff and the Leadership Board also are calling for one more congregational vote of the membership on Sunday, December 11, 2022 at 6pm. Their recommendation to the congregation for that evening’s vote, will be that we enter into affiliation with the Global Methodist Church. Pending an affirmative vote of our church membership this affiliation would officially begin January 1, 2023.