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Life of Legacy

In today's culture, the idea of leaving a legacy is often tied to physical attributions. How much money will I leave? How's my estate? But, deep in the heart of a woman who seeks the God of the bible lies an unshakable truth. Driven by love, she holds a standard high for all eyes to see. A desire to pass on the best of life to the next generation.


God has called us to spread His word & love all over. You could say, He's called us to Scatter! Let's go into every sector of society – business, the arts, education – and be good at what we do, gain favor in the workplace, and have the credibility and freedom to share our faith boldly.

I Am Chosen

God chooses us. There's no doubt about that, but the enemy tries to make us believe otherwise. In this series we look at people from the Bible and how God chose them despote thier flaws.

Community On Purpose

How would God work in your life if you had the support & encouragement to dive in & figure it out with others? That's what we'll be looking at in this sermon series as we discuss the importance of community groups.

Lord, Teach Us To Pray

When we are kids prayer is fun, it is us asking God questions, putting all our wondering out there – but then something happens…We grow up! Prayer is a free gift God gives all of us, but so few take advantage of. In this series of the year, we will be focusing on prayer!

Rise & Shine

Kick off 2023 as we look into the values of the church as we reboot & prepare for a wonderful year ahead!


A Promise Kept

Celebrate Advent with a series that will have us tracing the path of a promise whispered into the mind of a nomadic shepherd named Abram then spread by the most unlikely of heroic characters, until suddenly the Promise comes true.


Giving Thanks

Very often healthy biblical lifestyles are very different than what our culture advocates for. No clearer example of this is found than in a short little story in the book of Luke. It is concerning money and the way one little old lady decided to spend hers.

Rally the Troops

Feel like you're desperately searching for direction and leadership as the world spins out of control?  Israel was in the same condition until God stepped in and began to rally the troops. This sermon series looks at the lessons to be learned in the Valley of Dry Bones from Ezekiel 37.

In His Steps

In this series Pastor Dan along with guest speaker Byron Kimmel share details of their recent trips to the Holy Land. They'll be focusing on the real life evidence of God's purpose for our lives & His desire for us to find it.

A Life of Order

When the world you grew up in is not the world you recognize today, what are we to do? How do we maintain our integrity when everywhere we look, we're surrounded by compromise and power-grabbing? In the book of Daniel, we will reconnect with crystal clear illustrations that show us the way through a culture that has gone off the rails. 

This One Is For You

In this series we look at it what it means to have peace when filtered through the heart and mind vs peace through God and discuss the response of someone who has been rescued and why we sometimes must wait for that rescue.


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 - Pastor Dan