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Mother's Day 2022

Happy Mother's Day! During this special service, the kids will perform a skit & Pastor Dan will share a special message on 2nd timothy 1:5.

Be Still

Need a time out from life's chaos? This Sunday, Associate Pastor Bonita Ritchie will be preaching on Psalm 46:10 & inviting you to be still.

Global Impact Celebration

This is a weekend celebration of the church's 16 mission partners. On this playlist, you'll find the Opening & Closing Ceremonies.

Building Bridges 

There's so much dividing us in the world today. This sermon series focuses on uniting us through God's compassion.

Life on the Edge

Compassion is caring enough to do something about someone else’s need. This sermon series focuses on creating and acting on that compassion toward a variety of topics.

A New Beginning

This series focused on starting the year with a focus on Jesus and the direction He wants us to go.

All Is Well

This was the Advent sermon series & includes the Candlelight Christmas Eve services.

The God Guarantee 

 In this series, we looked at God's Guarantees for the different areas of our lives. 


We look back at the early church and the radical mindset & trust it must have taken.

Hope Is Here

This sermon series explores the encouragement we can find in God.

The 9:00 & 10:30 services were different

Board member Joe Rothstein preached the 9:00 service & we had a Family Experience at 10:30.

Faith & Science

Scientist & church member Anton Woo teamed up with history teacher & church member Byron Kimmel for this look into the faith questions many of us ask.


Hey there! Thank you for stopping by our website. If you are searching for a great church, I want to invite you to Tipp City United Methodist Church. This church desires to see lives changed by the power of Jesus Christ, and that's something that happens every week! What an honor it is to be on this journey with people! I look forward to meeting you soon! God bless.

 - Pastor Dan