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Plan your experience!

Whether attending in-person or online, plan now to start your week with hope & encouragement.

Let's renew for the week ahead!

Looking for some hope & positivity? Whether online or in-person, Sundays at Tipp City UMC are a chance to catch your breath, observe the world that surrounds you, and see how God wants you to interact with it. We know that visiting a church can be intimidating. Visiting a church for the 1st time is scary. Plan your experience below. We'll answer any questions you might have & do our best to make it as comfortable as possible.

8 W. Main St. Tipp City


Why plan my experience?

When you plan your experience, you can be assured that you have all the information you need. A staff member will contact you to see if you have any questions. We'll send you the appropriate links to find everything to make your experience great. And, we'll have a gift waiting for you if you come in-person or we'll email it to you if you attend online.

What do I wear?

We want you to wear what makes you feel comfortable. Dress up or go casual. The choice is yours. YOU are what's important - not your clothes!

What about my kids?

Following some time away due to Covid, many of our classes have returned to meeting in-person with a Zoom option available as well. For more information, visit our Family Ministry page.

Where do I park?

We have a large parking lot in front of the building located at the corner of Main St. & S. 3rd St. Amble handicap parking is available near the doors. Street parking is also available.

How long is service?

With a few songs in the beginning, about a 20-30 minute message, and a song to close the service, each service will be about an hour long.

What's Tipp City United Methodist Church like?

We aim to be a community church that helps people help people. You'll find warm, friendly welcomes and quickly become family.

Let us know how you are choosing to experience church this sunday!

Helping people help people

Packing meals for Haiti during service on Dec. 27, 2020
Before church conversations
We love our kiddos!
Something for every generation

"From the moment my husband and I walked through the doors..."

"From the moment my husband and I walked through the doors of Tipp City United Methodist Church 6 or so years ago, we knew we were at home. Today we have a whole other family and the BEST friends we have ever had." - Nicole Drown

Test drive a 9:00 traditional service

Test drive a 10:30 contemporary service

What are you waiting for? Plan your experience today! We would love to see you in-person or online!